Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Catching Up and Passing Through

I've known my friend Lindsey since third grade. We played softball together for three years, we were crossing patrol partners in fifth grade, we walked to school together every day in middle school, rode the bus together in high school, and pretty much lived at each other's houses for a long, long time. I stood in her wedding, and she was the Matron of Honor in mine:

She's probably really glad right now that I didn't pull out any more pictures. I have lots of us growing up!

A couple weeks ago, Lindsey and her husband Curt were driving through our area on their way home from visiting family in Georgia and Florida. We were super excited that they could stop and stay for a night! It was a little crowded in our small space, but we made it work pretty well. It was also super fun to see all our kiddos together. 

Declan (2 months), Gavrel (2 years), Natania (turned 3 shortly after they were here), and Jadon (1 year). 

It was definitely a little interesting trying to get a good picture of all the kids, but that's real life!

I guess I know in my head that my boys are pretty big, but it was funny to see that Gavrel is one year younger than Natania - but taller than her. And Declan is one year younger than Jadon, but they were wearing the same size diaper. The comparison amused me.

Oh, and here's proof that Curt and Lindsey were here too, not just their kiddos:

So fun to visit with friends and catch up a little bit. Don't you love those friendships that move through life? Have you caught up with anything recently?


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