Thursday, June 06, 2013

It's here, it's here!

If you've been around here for a couple of years, you know that I've been looking into joining a CSA for a while now. We even went and checked them out earlier this spring. But with a new start-up business, this just wasn't at the top of the financial priority list. This year, though, I was determined to make it a reality - and a reality it has become! Jonny texted me this picture last Wednesday while I was still in Wisconsin:

And I think I heard angels singing! After hoarding grocery money for months to make a down-payment, this beautiful little box of yumminess (yes, I just make that a word - get over it, spell check) from Colvin Family Farms was finally in our possession. The first week's box held kale, spinach, strawberries, green onions, and some red lettuce - pretty basic. So I mostly spent the week munching.

You'd better believe some of these beautiful strawberries got the chocolate-covered treatment. Gavrel might have appreciated them even more than I did!
Lunch at our house during the week is all about quick and easy. So lettuce, spinach, and strawberries drizzled with olive oil made a nice salad a couple days. 

One of my goals in joining the CSA, besides eating healthier and more locally, is to stretch myself and try new things. We all have our favorite recipes that we fall back on, but it's good to get out now and then! This is a whole-wheat tortilla with goat cheese, strawberry spread, and spinach. It was awesome!
I did catch myself starting to hoard a few things as the week went on. I think I could eat spinach at every. single. meal. in some capacity. I put it on my egg sandwiches at breakfast every morning last week! The only thing I didn't use completely were the green onions - everything else was gone by the time we went to get the next box.
We took some time to meet up with a buddy and play in the fountain once we had veggies in hand.  Gavrel was a big fan!
This week's box is stretching me a little bit more (I don't think I'd ever heard of green garlic before, much less cooked with it!). But I've spent some quality time with Google, and I have some cool ideas up my sleeve. And we're having dinner company this week! So it should be eventful. 

I started the week off simply, though. Lettuce, strawberries, and almonds with citrus dressing and a whole-wheat quesadilla for lunch:

Between baby, nesting, crafting, and travels, I haven't touched on our food, cooking, or meal planning for a while, so I'm excited to share some of it with y'all again!


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