Thursday, May 16, 2013

Growing With Us

A long time ago, I posted about our awesome stroller. I mentioned that the reason we finally picked this stroller over another similar one was its ability to grow with us as we had more kids. And now, we're growing! 

Here is our newly-doubled Uppababy Vista in action on its maiden voyage (we took Gavrel to the mall to ride the train for his second birthday!):

So far, I'm thrilled with it! Yes, you have to take the extra seat off each time you fold up the stroller, but it goes on so easily it really hasn't bothered me. It's also nice if I decide I want to change up the configuration, because I don't have to take the whole thing apart then. For example: yesterday I took both dogs and both boys for a long walk, but I put Declan in the Moby Wrap so I swapped out the car seat adapter for the regular seat. And yes, it only works facing one direction, but that hasn't bothered anyone yet either. The only place (so far) that it's been a little bit of a bummer is at the zoo, when we have to turn the stroller sideways for Gav to see the animals. No big deal, though, and he likes to walk part of the time, anyway.

I love that the stroller is still single-wide (great for getting through doorways), and not much longer even with the extra rumble seat attached. That means I can walk ahead of the stroller through a door, and pull the whole thing through after me in one motion. It's nice to know I can easily get into and out of buildings alone when no one is around to hold the door open.

We pretty frequently have people stop and ask us how we like it and where we got it (it's not available in most big-box stores like Target or BabiesRUs). Our specific stroller came from Baby Grand, a super-cool little boutique shop in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, the customer service has been severely lacking on our last couple of trips in there, and I'm extremely disappointed to say I can't actually recommend you go in there. If you have a Buy Buy Baby in your area (we recently had one open up in Knoxville), they carry it. It's also available on Amazon.

It's a major investment (one we admittedly couldn't have afforded on our own - the whole thing and all the accessories since then have been gifts from my parents), but it's a serious workhorse. We've literally taken ours around the world with us:
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany - July 2012

Victoria's Peak, Hong Kong - March 2012
We pretty regularly put it through its paces, and we plan to continue doing so. We highly recommend it! Here's a rundown of the stroller and all the accessories we've accumulated along the way. Note, the piggy back attachment (bottom right pic), is not an accessory we have yet. I included it because that will be the next step in growing with us!


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