Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Visiting With the Farm

Yes, you read that correctly - we didn't visit the farm, we visited with the farm!

I've been looking into buying a CSA share for a couple of years now, ever since my Indian friend told me about the farm they are members of. I really like the the whole idea, as well as the logistics (as opposed to hitting up the farmer's market every week), but it's been cost-prohibitive before now as we're starting up Jonny's business. But we're getting to the point that it's much more realistic, so when I read on a local events website that a market in Knoxville was hosting a free CSA fair (with my preferred farm in attendance), we just had to go. It was quite an experience!

We definitely encountered all sorts of people there, from the "good ol'" country folk...

...to the eccentrically-dressed, blatantly lesbian couple (discussing details and questions with the extremely conservative Christian farm wife we were waiting in line to talk with!).

For all my hippy-food tendencies, I had never even heard of the market/co-op/grocery-type store that hosted the event. We quickly realized why. It's located down in the city, north of the interstate, in an old warehouse/shipping yard neighborhood, surrounded by other interesting buildings and organizations.

But we had a fun time of it. We got lots of samples, had some locally-made ice cream - Gav and I had chocolate and Jonny had salted caramel,

listened to a local bluegrass (I think?) band on the patio,

and did some people - and puppy - watching (with a mouthful of said samples).

You know it's a legit hippy establishment when they have a bicycle repair station set up on the patio!
Overall, we learned a lot about what's available to us in the area (I've looked into veggie CSA shares and milk shares before, but not meat shares/deliveries for example). And it made for a fun, cheap family date afternoon - I spent a whole whopping $3 on ice cream! Can't ask for much better than that!

Have you had any local adventures lately?


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