Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Maternity Photos: Take Three - Throw in a Little Monkey

I've been working on showing you our maternity photos with the fantastic Sheppard in batches - because they're all just so good I don't want to bombard you with amazing-ness overload in one post. You can check out the first installment with just me here, and the second with Jonny and me together here. Today, here's a little Monkey-and-Mommy action:

You might remember this shirt from our announcement shoot. It's gotten a little more snuggly on the Monkey Man, but we still had to break it out one more time before classifying it as too small for good.  

Yes, I'm aware that my child isn't yet two years old. We opted to combine his two-year shoot with our maternity pictures, since we stand to be a little busy the week of his birthday. I think this is the only shot where it overlapped, anyway. 

Stay tuned for one more post with all three (four?) of us together!


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