Monday, February 25, 2013

Pregnancy Q&A

I realized I haven't addressed my actual pregnancy much beyond all my nesting projects (which continue, by the way, just on a smaller scale and with less urgency). So I thought I would take a few minutes to update you on where we're at!

How far are you now?/How much longer do you have?
I will be 34 weeks on Thursday, so we have roughly 6-ish weeks to go - give or take. I'm not necessarily counting on making it all six of those. Gav was four days early, and word on the street is that second babies come sooner and faster. Deal.

How are you feeling?
I feel great. I feel very pregnant - I will never be one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant" ladies who doesn't feel any different than normal - but really good overall. I'm getting tired and sore more easily, so I spend more time napping and putting my feet up. But in general, I'm eating well, sleeping mostly well, I'm not swelling, and I'm not miserable.

You still don't know the gender?
Nope, we sure don't! Our doctor's office has been great about it all, and we have no intention of finding out until Baby makes his or her appearance. I think it drives y'all way more crazy than it does us!

So do you have two names picked out?
Mostly. We have a girl's name settled. We have a boy's first name, and are debating between (mostly) two middle names. Either of which either of us would be fine with, we just haven't nailed either one down. You might remember that it took us forever to nail down Gavrel Lagersen as well. At least we're consistent.

What are you going to do if you have a girl?
Ok, this question is super common, and it just completely cracks me up. Again, you might remember that we didn't know Gavrel's gender ahead of time either. So that means all of our gear and newborn/0-3 month clothing are gender neutral. So we're not going to be hosed either way. Besides, I'm sure both Nai Nai and Oma will be quick with the little pink things, if the situation warrants them. Psh... If we have a girl, we'll have a girl, silly!

Any belly pictures?
Nope. Sorry. For real - y'all know I'm horrible at documenting these things. Just trust that I've got the cutest little basketball going right now. We are working on scheduling a maternity shoot with our beloved Sheppard, though, so hopefully we'll be able to reveal the bump soon.

And another funny anecdote/observation: When I was pregnant with Gavrel, people would ask how far along I was. When I answered, the inevitable next  question was, "Are you sure you're not having multiples?" You can bet that made me feel great. This time, around, however, when I tell people how far I am, the reply is usually, "No way! You're so tiny!" Ha!

We have our final ultrasound (assuming everything appears normal) on Thursday, so I will try to share some pics with you from that. You can pray we get some good ones! And I'm sure all of Sheppard's belly pics will be drop dead gorgeous, so we'll be anxious to share those too. (Have I mentioned that Sheppard is going to come to the hospital with us to document the early hours, too? Super excited about that one!) And of course, we'll probably be live blogging the whole thing, just like last time. So get ready - we're about to have a baby up in here!


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