Thursday, February 28, 2013

Holy Cheeks, Batman!

If you missed all of my latest pregnancy updates the other day, you can check them out here. This morning was our final (assuming nothing goes wrong from here) ultrasound  before Baby A2 makes his/her big appearance. Everything looks great! Baby is strong and healthy and weighs just over 5 pounds at this point. All organs are the right size and in the right places, legs a little short, and Baby's head is BIG - 97th percentile big! But Gav's head was 95th percentile and he came out just fine, so this mama isn't scared. Finally, having wide hips is working to my advantage! :-)

Always fun to see a healthy, normal ultrasound. But the best part may be the major chipmunk cheeks:

...not to mention the notable Addington eyebrow ridge. For all of you who teased me about being pregnant so impossibly quickly after coming home from Berlin, let there be no further debate about whose child this really is - cus y'all know I had absolutely nothing to do with that scowl!

Baby is pretty squished down in there, so the tech was really only able to get one angle this morning. So we don't necessarily have a totally complete picture, but it's still pretty fun! Even the doctor said, "Wow! Look at those chubby cheeks!"


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