Monday, January 28, 2013

New Camera and a Monkey

After several trips to Best Buy in the last month and countless days of reading reviews, watching prices, trying out the store samples, etc., Jonny and I finally took some Christmas money and bought our first real camera! It's a Nikon D5100 DSLR. And it's pretty cool. We're excited about having even more photog capacity going forward with our little guys.

And since I know I've been heavy on the nesting/decorating/organizing posts lately, I thought I would show off some of our new camera's skillz and a couple shots of our sweet Monkey Man:

If you're wondering, the weather's been a little wonky around here, Gav's on the up end of a cold, and those things combined with being a thumb-sucker mean his poor little face has been getting chapped in his sleep. No, he's not having some kind of weird allergic reaction (as mommy initially feared). We've since solved the problem with a little Vaseline schmeared on his cheeks before bed. 

Oh, the thumb! The blankie! Can you handle all the snuggly goodness? Can you handle how much he looks just like Jonny sitting in his little grey jacket on the couch? Ah! I told someone recently that I would always keep Jonny around, if only because he makes pretty babies. Y'all know that's not the "only," but it sure is true!


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