Saturday, January 05, 2013

Nesting Continued: A Play-Worthy Closet

Have I mentioned that I'm nesting? Auntie Pam and I have coined the term "gestational OCD" for my current mental state. It's insane. But it's really paying off in some big, noticeable ways around our house. I'm down to my last two-three big projects to be done while I still physically can. And even though I'm itching to get to some of the smaller, pretty-making projects I have up my sleeve, I'm using all my willpower to save them for the last month or two of this pregnancy when I can still sit at my sewing machine even though I'm huge.

So here is my latest major overhaul: Gavrel's closet. There are only four closets in our whole house - the master, Gavrel's room, the bonus room, and the pantry/utility/laundry room. When we moved in, Gavrel's closet became the catch-all for anything remotely baby-related-ish and it has pretty much stayed that way since then. But there was a lot of stuff in there I didn't need, could be boxed differently, or really should have been stored elsewhere in the first place. Plus, a lot of the newborn baby gear could be moved out into usable places around the house - since we're going be be using it soon and all. 

Now here's where I'm a bad blogger and never remember to take "before" pictures. So you'll just have to use your imagination. You've probably all had a closet at some point in your life that looked like this one did. Instead, we can skip straight to the pretty "after!"

The biggest addition is this cabinet that I got at Target. It was on sale for $40! You can also find them on Amazon . I really wanted a better way to organize and store Gavrel's toys that could continue to grow with him (and other kiddos!). Plus, I can stack more books on top as our bookshelf runs out of room. Now it's totally a space where he can (and loves to!) go into and play by himself. 

Above the toy area are his clothes. This may not be a great solution when he gets old enough to dress himself, but for now, it gives me easy access, wrinkle-free shirts, and more dresser space for things like new baby clothes. :-) Along the back wall are the clothes in the next size up, waiting for him to grow into them. Our umbrella stroller (used for quick plane trips when we need something in the airport) and the crib mobile are hanging on the shelf brackets along the back wall. I may eventually find a better solution for them, but it works for now. 

While I was sorting his toys into the canvas bins at his level, I also took the time to sort all of his toys into three "shifts." I used these big green bins (also on sale at Target!) to put away everything not in the current rotation. At the start of each month, I'll put away the stuff that's out and bring out things he hasn't played with in a while. And yes, there are some constants - kitchen toys/play food, cars, books, and blocks.

On the shelf along the back wall are various other rarely-accessed things: a box of little baby toys  (that will be out soon enough!), a quilt that was a baby shower present, Gavrel's memories box (for cards, plane tickets, etc.), instruction manuals and warranties for all kinds of baby gear in the small plastic zippered bag, accessories and parts for gear (car seat inserts, stroller visor, etc.) that we don't regularly need in the big zippered bag, and our hiking backpack. Gavrel's carry-on backpack for plane rides and my Moby Wrap hang on an over-the-door hook on the outside of the closet door for quick access.

Moving the toys off the bookshelf and into the closet left me lots more room to put our overflowing book collection onto the shelf. I left the two canvas bins there to arrange books in a way he can see them.

These updates left a cleaner room, a cleaner house (it's easier for Gav to play in his room now with more space and fewer toys out at a time to drag around), a much-less-stressed mommy, and a very happy Monkey Man!

All-in-all, it took me about five days to gather all the stuff and complete the project: we bought the shelf and canvas cubes one day, I found the green toy bins the next, I took one day to clear out the closet, one to put the cabinet together and sort out toys, and another to sort through and situate everything I took out of the closet!

I've also decided that New Years is a great time to have the nesting bug - everyone has their storage and organizational supplies on sale while so many people are resolving to get organized in the new year! I've been pretty excited about some of the deals I've found. Stay tuned for even more projects!

How about you? Are you getting organized this year? Are you nesting? What's been going on in your home?


Katie! It looks so great! I love the intentionality you put into the space! :)

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