Monday, January 07, 2013

A Few More Sneak-Peeks

To continue on the nesting trend, I thought I would throw a few sneak-peeks up for y'all. You see, I have about fifty-bajillion (give or take a couple) projects that are almost done and picture ready. But most of them aren't quite there yet. My goal is to finish all the big, moving-boxes-around-type-stuff by the end of January, while I still physically can. Then, February and March will be set aside for sewing projects, touch-ups, otherwise making things pretty, and lots and lots of labeling! You know, things I can do from a sitting position, despite my enormous self (like I mentioned earlier this week).

So here are some various pieces of projects that I can give you a teaser on. Sorry for the photo quality - these are all off of my phone. I promise a real-deal, pretty home tour as soon as everything is done. :-)

These first three pictures are all bathroom-related - it seemed like a good place to start where I could get projects completed in the length of a Monkey's nap. This is the cabinet over our toilet (originally from Walmart). My mommy got it for us when we moved in because there is virtually NO cabinet/storage anywhere in the master bath. Lots of purging went on here (I think more than half the medicines stashed in here were expired). The bottom is extras. The top is contacts, vitamins, and medications. I have grand plans to cover the shoe box to make it look pretty - one of those projects I'm forcing myself to wait on while I get bigger things done. The baskets on the middle shelf (which hold nursing pads and washcloths) and on the top (which holds extra TP) were also from Walmart. I originally got them hoping they would fit somewhere else, but they didn't. They're a perfect spot of color in our otherwise stock-white apartment bathroom, though, so it worked out perfectly!

There's one drawer in the bathroom. This is all the little bits that get lost elsewhere or that get used daily.  The junk drawer organizer from Target (found in the same aisle with the dish racks and such - sorry, couldn't find it online) was way cheap! After I took this picture, I also added a non-skid drawer liner to the bottom, because the organizers kept sliding back every time we opened it. 

There's almost no cabinet space whatsoever (one very short cabinet under the sink) in the master bath, but there's a built-in vanity table under the counter beneath the drawer. It would be totally luxurious if I was a spend-time-on-my-makeup kind of person, but as it is I think it's a total waste of potential storage in a small home. So my mommy got us these stacking produce bins - found at Home Depot - to throw under there, and I recently did a lot of purging here, too.  The top is small first-aid supplies and a few toiletries that I don't use often, but still wanted around - nail polish, hair spray, etc. The middle is travel-size and guest supplies, plus a few large-bottle first-aid kind of things. (Since this picture, the travel-size box and first-aid box have since switched places. The bottom is rarely-used hair-care appliances: hot rollers, blow dryer, curling iron, and a box of bobby pins/hair nets/wig caps. On the right, we have our scale, space heater, and a bag of just travel-size tissue packs - for winter colds and travel to bring-your-own-TP kind of countries.

Super in love with this project. I wanted a chair that I could nurse in overnight with a newborn without taking the rocking chair out of Gavrel's room - he loves to sit and read books for long periods of time. While I was at it, I wanted something that could double as a desk chair for the desk built into my bookshelves so I could actually use it and get my computer off the dining table. Found this tired old kitchen chair at a local thrift store and had paint color-matched to my bedroom curtains. The whole project cost about $15. I'm sitting in it right now. I can't even tell you how thrilled I am with the result!

Thing I never would have thought of until I started reading organizing/decorating/DIY blogs... This is now my t-shirt drawer. And yes, Jonny's looks the same way. They just look so nice, and they fit in the drawer a lot better too!

We moved in with a total of five kitchen/dining chairs. One is occupied by our high chair, and Jon broke another one about a year ago. That left us with three usable chairs, so we had to pull out a folding chair if we ever had another couple over for dinner. I had been scanning Craigslist for more of our chairs when I had an epiphany: a bench! I can't build a banquet in a rental, but I can recreate the effect of one. So I switched to scanning Craigslist for benches. I mentioned one to Jonny, and he picked it up for my birthday. Boy was it UG-LY when we brought it home! Dark, old, red-ish stain and a worn out, smoke-stanky, stained beige seat. New paint, new upholstery, and now it's super cute and way functional. The fabric, by the way, was a $10 shower curtain from Marshal's!

And since that shower curtain had way more fabric than I needed just to cover the bench, I used some of it to re-cover some throw pillows in our living room. I ordered myself a sewing machine from Amazon on Black Friday, and this was my inaugural project! You can't tell from this picture, but they're nice and bright and fresh - a pretty, clean update! I have plans to make a table runner, too, to help continue the pattern. Another one of those projects I'm saving for super-pregnant days.

This was taken on my phone, at maximum zoom, from the across the room, so that's why it's awful. Sorry.  This is something I've wanted to do for a while and found the perfect opportunity during New Years resolution season when all things organizational are on sale or featured. These magazine files were in the Dollar Spot at Target! They now hold all of my place mats. They're on top of a hand-me-down legal bookcase that held books in our first house, but was much more practical as a china cabinet in our current set-up. I recently moved all of my table cloths to the bottom shelf of this cabinet so that everything I needed to set the table was in one spot. I just didn't have a good way to store place mats there as well. I wanted to get magazine files, but those boogers can be expensive! So I've been keeping my eyes open, and these pretty cardboard ones were perfect (and $1 each!!!). 


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