Friday, December 14, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Nesting

So, if you were around for my first pregnancy, you know I'm not much of one for weekly - or heck, even monthly - belly shots. I don't have very exciting pregnancies (for which I'm exceptionally thankful), so I don't have much to tell you on a regular basis. Basically, here's the lowdown: everything's perfect, I feel great, and baby is super healthy! Can't ask for much better than that, eh?

So in lieu of feeling pregnant, I have been on a rampage to get our house organized, decorated, and generally just settled in all the ways that I haven't yet in the year and a half we've lived here. My dad once noted that saying I wasn't domestic growing up may be the understatement of a lifetime. He's right. And the piles of Rubbermaid tubs stacked in corners and baggies of odds-and-ends thrown into the backs of shelves have been pretty much how I've lived since being an adult, even if I'm usually a little better at keeping the "public" things picked up.

But something about this pregnancy is throwing all that for a loop. Suddenly, I want everything sorted and organized - and sorted and organized prettily. None of this "it's good enough for now" stuff; I want everything presentable and usable. I want to want to look at everything. I've been reading DIY and organizing blogs and doing things like sorting out drawers and cabinets - including the bathroom cabinets.

I'm hoping to have a full home tour available for you before the newest peanut makes an appearance, but I thought I would give you one quick taste for now. You already know that I was "that kid" who dreamed of having the Tupperware catalog come to life. But last week my pantry went a couple steps further. So, eat your heart out:

Sorry for the blurry cell phone pictures - I got so excited when I was done that I just snapped a couple to send to Jonny right away. My pantry is actually our pantry/utilities closet/laundry room all rolled into one, so I spend way more time in there than a normal person probably spends in a pantry. Therefore this project makes me all the happier!

Shout out to my mommy for the extra set of utility shelves in there (as well as the dream-come-true Tupperware set). Most of my food goes on the built-in shelves, but I do have one utility shelf that holds snacks and pastas and a basket to hold the ugly pile of dirty dish towels and cloth napkins that was always piled within sight from the living room if the door was open. The other shelves hold small kitchen appliances, household stuff (light bulbs, command hooks, manuals and instructions, etc. The back corner where the freestanding shelves overlap the built-in ones holds mostly kitchen appliance boxes (you know, the stuff that's a pain to move in non-original boxes - things like a stand mixer or smoothie maker).

I've also made a few more modifications since these pictures were taken. I've added a basket for the pasta boxes (one I already had, I just emptied it from another room as I sorted and purged the office-to-be). I cut the top of a paper grocery bag off to hold more folded grocery bags - which we keep around to put paper recycling in. I also added two more plastic shoe boxes to the second-to-bottom shelf - one for vacuum attachments, parts, and accessories so Jon doesn't have to go searching for them every week, and one for various hardware (which was previously sharing a shoe box with my tools and neither of them fit very well. Now there is a box for tools and box for hardware).

I'm sure I'll have lots more projects to share with you in the coming weeks. I'm getting a lot accomplished! I even plan to show you our master closet. Pretty soon I' won't be ashamed to keep doors open while people are over - you know you're jealous!


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