Friday, October 26, 2012


Last Friday, late morning, my phone rang. "Hey," Jon started in when I answered, "I have an idea. I'm just thinking out loud here, so think with me. I'm done with everything I absolutely need to get done today. Instead of trying to head to the mountains tomorrow, what if I just took the afternoon off and we went for the afternoon today instead? Could you make that happen on your end?"

I totally love that about Jonny - the "I-feel-like-an-adventure-so-let's-make-it-happen" itch that he gets once in a while. Because most of you know that I'm almost always up for an adventure! It was a fun, much-needed family day together, a very pretty and colorful day in the Smokies, and I actually stayed behind the camera most of the day! I usually make Jonny take over. 

Love these boys together. Does it get any better than this?

"Wave to Mommy!"


I paid $20 for this hiking backpack from a friend of a friend on Facebook. It paid for itself in the first use!

I had to climb pretty far out onto an outcropping to get this picture. Jonny was rather impressed with me - he's usually the one mountain-goating to get good pictures. His exact words were, "Look at you, all knocked up on the rocks!" One of the funniest things I think I've ever heard him say. 

What have you and your loves been up to recently?


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