Thursday, August 23, 2012

All your burning questions

In case you were somewhere under a rock yesterday, I released these awesome photos for y'all to see:

Yep - that's right - Baby Addington #2 is on the way (well, if you know the Addington family at large, you know we're on way more than #2, but I'm going to go ahead and refer to Jonny and Katie #2)! And we're way excited! So now that you know, I know everyone has a million questions to ask. Ok, maybe you all have the same couple of questions, but I know a million of you have them. So here goes:

How far along?
We are 7 weeks in. It's early still. But if you remember when we announced that Gav was coming, you know that we're early tellers. It helps us get excited, I don't feel like I have to hide anything when I have funny cravings or can't keep my eyes open, and if something happens I don't think I'll be able to pretend that it didn't. So, you just get to find out early.

Due date?
April 11th! Apparently we just really like early April babies. As Jonny put it, "I guess July is just a good month." Gav was due on the 9th and born on the 5th, so we stand to have two birthdays in the same week! And if baby's a boy, I will have all the right season clothing. Which leads me to...

Are you going to find out the gender this time?
We haven't decided. I'm leaning toward no, but Jonny hasn't made up his mind yet. We're leaving it open ended for now - in case we change our minds later on. I just really enjoyed not knowing last time, and I still won't be disappointed either way! Besides, all our newborn stuff is neutral, so it's not a big deal.

Were you trying?
Y'all know Gav was a surprise (but the best one ever!). This time, we were trying - the timing was just a little surprising. I was pretty sure I got home from Berlin way too late to get pregnant this month. Jonny says we can just always count on me being wrong. Clearly. But I'm ok with being wrong when the end result is a baby.

Other odds and ends...
I'm feeling great. I'm exhausted at all times and I'm starting to have funny cravings (like pizza at 9:30pm - every night), but otherwise I feel fantastic. I'm really praying it stays that way. Gav doesn't really know what's going on yet. That's ok - we'll work on it. Anyone have some "new baby" books they would recommend? We're not planning on moving at this point. I'm ok with kiddos sharing a room. And no, we won't be sharing names with you ahead of time. Those are between us and Jesus until they get attached to a child. :-)

Any burning questions I missed?


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