Thursday, July 12, 2012


Wittenberg - home of Martin Luther and the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation.

Walking down the main street through the historic district of town. I just love the old German look of everything.

And I had a cute date!

The organ at the back of the church where Luther did most of his preaching.

Front altar paintings. Sorry for the blurry pics - it was really dark in the churches and flashes weren't allowed. I'm afraid my hands just aren't steady enough to accommodate the long exposure time!

Last Supper close-up. 

Again, love the beautiful architecture. Notice the fliers on the building advertising the 500 year Luther anniversary in 2017! Gonna be a big deal. Probably worth a trip to come see it. 

The man himself.

The fabled Schlosskirche (Castle Church) door where the 95 Theses were nailed. They are now permanently engraved there for all to see!

History in the rain!

The front of the Schlosskirche - again. Bad lighting. And there was a lute concert happening up front, so I couldn't get up close. Had to try it with zoom. Luther's grave is just to the right of this. Couldn't get close to that, either. 

Loved all the stained glass. This was the best shot I got of any all day. 

Outside the Schlosskirche. The tower was closed today due to "technical difficulties" (?) but is normally open to the public. You know, if it had been open, my crazy self would have been up at the top!


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