Thursday, July 05, 2012

Gute Nachricht

I'm afraid I don't have anything exciting to tell you today. We stayed home all day, letting Gavrel take two normal naps. And I got a nap in, too!

We did have dinner with a sweet American couple, though. They are missionaries here doing hospitality ministry. Their home was beautiful, and dinner was great. Gavrel was on his absolute best behavior and happy to be the center of attention! Toward the end of the evening, I mentioned that I was looking for another German Bible. I have a Luther edition at home, but I wanted a newer translation. It's about the difference between reading KJV versus NIV. When I asked where to get one, our hosts said "Hang on, surely I have one." They surely did, and sent it home with me. That was one of my must-have shopping items, so I'm excited to have it in-hand already!

Tomorrow Gavrel and I are taking a three-hour walking tour by pretty much every major site in Berlin, so we'll have lots more to share. Good night until then!


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