Tuesday, July 03, 2012

European Living

I know you've all been itching to hear from us! We arrived Monday around 1:00 in Berlin after a very long, sleepless trip and mostly spent the rest of the day vegging out and napping. I was mostly in the right time zone by the end of the day, but Gav decided he wanted to play from 1:00-3:00 am. Such is international travel with a Monkey Man.

Today (Tuesday) we slept in (thankfully Gavrel slept until 10:30 after his mid-night romp), and then spent the afternoon at Ikea with Nai Nai and a sweet friend. I walked out the door and forgot my camera, so those pictures are on Nai Nai's phone and will have to wait for another time.

For now, I did get the camera out and walk around the apartment a bit. So, here's a photo tour of where we'll be staying for the next three weeks (sorry some of them are blurry - the light was really varied from room to room and I can't always tell how clear a picture is on the little screen):

The front room, or "piano room, looking toward the main living room. The wall to the right is covered in bookshelves and the front of the building is behind me. 

The grand piano. The couch in this room also converts to a bed for a potential third bedroom.

The patio on the front of the building overlooking the street.

Sitting on the patio looking out onto the road. I'm totally in love with the whole European city street view. 

The front entryway, which opens onto both the piano room and the main living room. The door in this picture opens into the master bedroom. 

Main living dining room, with my back to the piano room. The main entry is directly to the right of where I'm standing here. 

Dining table, looking out into the central courtyard. 

View into the courtyard from the dining windows with my back to the table.

The hallway from the main living area. The door on the right is my bathroom, and the kitchen is straight ahead. 

Jumping ahead through the kitchen, this is my room. 

One side of the kitchen. My back is to the hallway, and immediately to the left of these cabinets is the doorway to my room, with a small hallway between them that has Gavrel's crib in it. The window looks out onto the courtyard.

The other side of the kitchen with my back to my bedroom. The laundry is through the door on the right side of this picture. 
So that's where we are! It's very long and strewn out with everything in one straight line. Very European. And one of my favorite aspects of the whole place - there's an electric heat-as-you-go water heater, so I can wash diapers and take a bath at the same time! :-)


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