Monday, July 09, 2012


It's been pretty quiet around here today. Gav got two regular naps and ate a ton (he started eating a ton yesterday - I think he's about to jump another couple inches soon!). But we did manage to get out of the house for a little while and walk around the neighborhood. It was fun to see what was around.

After walking a few blocks, we stopped in at Hugendubel. One of the main things on my list to bring home is German children's and picture books. I want to be able to teach our kids German, and having books around will be a big help with that goal! So I went in to have my first go at picking some out. I know I can order them online, but I like to be able to see, touch, and read what's in them before bringing them home!

Here's what we came home with today:


This isn't the exact edition I got - but it's the closest one I could find on their website. I figure fairy tales are good, because they are stories that Gav will hear in English, too. 


This one was just so cute! It's all about the silly things necessary to kiss different animals. I like it because it's simple, it's rhyming, and it uses different animal names.

Despite there being lots of children's Bibles and Bible storybooks (which surprised me in an otherwise very secular culture), this was the only one I brought home today. I've been told that one of the local pastors our friends partner with runs or helps with a Christian bookstore, so I want to buy them from him. I liked this one, though, because the text included what so many kids' Noah's Ark stories leave out - that God flooded the world because people were evil and He was starting over with Noah's family. 

All three of these are board books that Gav can handle and look at now. I also came home with a kids' picture encyclopedia. It's too old for him now, but it will be great as he gets older, because he can look up and read about almost any subject in German. 

Children's books are definitely going to be my luggage downfall on this trip!


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