Friday, July 20, 2012

A Dog's Life

I think I've mentioned before that there are dogs everywhere here in Berlin. And they're all so well-behaved. People walk their dogs around town without leashes. They go on buses, subways, trains, and streetcars. They sit on patios and under tables in restaurants. In fact, it's more strange to see somewhere that doesn't allow dogs to come right along with their people. This includes our friends' dog Smokey. Mike said, "I've learned to just not even ask - I just assume he can come with us. Someone will let me know if I can't."

On the boat for a canal tour.

We've discovered this week that Smokey really likes the stroller. So he chilled out under Gavrel for a couple hours yesterday - including through dinner in one of the few "no dog" restaurants we've seen. He just curled up and went to sleep and nobody noticed he was there. 

Now his family is joking that they need to get him a stroller of his own. 

It's a rough life, being a dog in Berlin, isn't it?
Gavrel has totally loved seeing all the dogs out and about. He loves puppies, and there is no shortage of them to watch around here!


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