Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Last weekend while Auntie Mandie was here, Gavrel slept in our room with us. His room doubles as a nice little guest suite (there's a twin bed in there and his room opens to the bathroom), so he gets to hang out with mom and dad at night. This isn't generally a problem - we sleep like this any time someone comes to visit, and when we travel (which we do plenty of). 

But Saturday night, I was awakened every two hours like clockwork by this little Monkey Man grabbing at my feet and screaming:

I was kind of baffled by Gav's sudden inability to sleep in the same room with us. And as the night went on, I just got more tired and frustrated every time he would roll over and scream. Not until morning did I suddenly see him chewing on his finger in a funny way.

Yep, my Monkey was teething and I totally missed it. I sure felt like a *great* mommy right about then. He's not normally a terror while he's teething, but apparently molars are a different story. And two in one night. The night before Mother's Day. I asked him, "Didn't anyone explain to you that you're supposed to be nice to your mom on Mother Day instead of screaming at her all night?"

So now we're up to ten (!) teeth - both his first top two molars came in that night. And I can feel the first bottom one about to pop through too. We had no more miserable nights together, though. Half a dose of Tylenol at bedtime the next couple nights meant all three of us slept like babies. :-)


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