Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Through the Year

I've started the tedious work of putting together a photo book of Gavrel's first year, and I'm having so much fun looking through all the pictures from the last year, I thought I would compile a few for you. I know that all babies grow up, but it still amazes me how much he has changed in the last year:

Gavrel at about 36 hours old - the day we left the hospital.

One month old and three pounds heavier - May.

Two months, visiting family in Minnesota - June.
Three months old and in our new home - July.

Four months old - August.

Five months old on a lazy, rainy  Labor Day.

Six months, October.

Seven months, November.

Eight months, December.

Nine months, January.

Ten months, February.

Eleven months old, March.

One year old - April 5th, 2012.


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