Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something Unexpected

Even though our recent trip to Hong Kong was my first, I was pretty prepared. I have been to Asia before, I've been in really big cities, and I've heard more stories about Hong Kong than probably anywhere else in the world, given Jonny's family history there. But what I didn't expect to see? 

Angry Birds. 

Everywhere. For real:

Some of the merchandise we saw for sale seemed pretty legit. Others, like these little slingshots (we brought one home for a friend, so we got to inspect the packaging a little closer), were clearly pirated. The cut-and-paste job on the graphics is pretty sketchy. 

Grow your own Angry Birds chia pet!

Some of these pictures we had to be sneaky about taking (this one is taken from a pretty big distance). The shopkeepers would get pretty defensive and shoo us away if they caught us taking pictures. 

You couldn't walk a whole city block without passing a Chinese kid on the street wearing something with Angry Birds on it. I'm not even exaggerating on that. 

So, apparently Hong Kong has been overrun by the Angry Birds craze - even more than the US. Can't say I was expecting that! Have you ever been caught off guard by something unusual when you've been travelling? Something you weren't prepared to be surprised by?


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