Thursday, April 05, 2012

Birthday Festivities

We opted not to do much on Gavrel's actual birthday, but we did celebrate! Gav and I went to our church's MOPS group in the morning for some play time (for both Monkey and Mommy!). Then we had some lunch and a nap, and took some quick pictures when he woke up:

He was giving his monkey kisses! He was cracking me up:

While he napped, I baked chocolate banana cupcakes (what else do you make for a Monkey's birthday?). Right after dinner I ran out to get a sweet #1 candle for it, too:

The cupcake was a big hit! He also got a nice long bath afterward. 

And we managed to get the whole thing on video, too. Nai nai and Opa are on Skype in the background, so they got to witness the glorious birthday messiness! 


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