Monday, February 06, 2012

You might be a mom if...

Ever catch yourself doing or saying crazy things? I don't think I needed to become a mama to do and say crazy thing, but it's certainly added some color to those crazy things! Here's to all you mamas out there!

You might be a mom if:

  • you try to tell the dogs, "No, let mommy do it."
  • you say things like, "You may not dance in the bathtub, thankyouverymuch."
  • you make silly beeps, boops, and squeaks when you buckle *yourself* into the car.
  • you can leave the table in the middle of a meal to change a blowout poopy diaper and come back to continue your meal without batting an eye.
  • you've ever found yourself on hands and knees with a napkin underneath your table at the Target cafe, just trying to get up most of the "solid matter" thrown there by your (almost) toddler.
  • you're not sure you can identify the various smudges and streaks down the side of your jeans. 
  • you have ever picked someone else's nose. 
Leave your crazy, silly, or embarrassing "you might be a mom if..." in the comments!

And just for fun, a gratuitous picture of a really cute little monkey! :-)


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