Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ten Months

Gavrel, turned ten months old on Sunday, and there's officially no keeping him in the chair! He is active and on the go at all times. So, here is my best attempt at pictures!

Once he stood up, my lighting was totally different, so sorry you can't actually see his face here. It does help you see how tall his is, though! 

Ah! Out of the chair and free - finally!
Gavrel has been SO much fun lately. Some accomplishments this month:

  • He is jabbering more and more and more every day. I'm totally convinced that I will go to get him out of his crib one day and he will greet me in complete sentences. It's clear he knows what he's talking about, even if we don't quite understand it yet. The other morning I was listening to him play before I went in to get him, and he was saying, "dadada mamama dada mama" over and over again.
  • His sense of humor is really coming out. He looks to us to see if we're laughing with him when he's giggling. He will jabber to himself and then laugh to himself - apparently telling himself jokes that we can't understand. I love listening to him in the car or after he wakes up from a nap.
  • Gav can dance! One of our favorite new play activities is to turn the radio on, and he will bounce and bob to the music. Maybe he does have a little of his mommy in him, after all!
  • Clicking/clucking his tongue. I posted a video of this earlier. It's still pretty funny. He was sitting the car yesterday doing this on the way home. So cute!
  • Cruising! Again, I'm convinced that he will just stand up and walk one day while I'm not looking. He can also stand on his own - but usually when he's not paying attention. He will unconsciously let go of whatever he's holding onto to look around or play with a toy before putting his hands back down. There's a little girl in our small group who is a couple months older than Gav, and she just started walking in the last couple weeks. I think seeing her walk has motivated Gavrel because he was suddenly much more interested in being vertical after Liesl came to play this week!
  • Gav continues to eat pretty much anything. He's shown a particular affinity for mac'n'cheese and anything covered in spaghetti sauce - veggies, pasta, meat - doesn't matter. If there's tomato sauce involved, he likes it. 
  • Reading. Gavrel's patience for reading books has made a noticeable jump lately. Especially if he can turn the pages. He LOVES turning pages. The English teacher in me was beginning to really be afraid that he wouldn't like reading, but those fears have been abated in the last few weeks. 
  • We've jumped yet another clothing size. I've been stretching out the 12 month clothes for a while now, but I looked at him this weekend and decided it was just time to make the transition. We'll need to beef up the 18 month wardrobe a little bit with some basics, but he's fully in the next size. He has two-year-old friends wearing the same size. Big boy.
We love our growing boy so much. He is so much fun and so interactive, but definitely not a baby any more. Every day he looks and acts a little more like a little boy. It's so exciting, but a little bittersweet for mommy. I love the baby things, but I rejoice in the little person he is becoming. I suppose it's probably about time to start planning for his first birthday - especially because we have to fit a trip to Hong Kong in before then! Aaaah!

Most of all, I love watching the prophetic visions of his life coming true. I love seeing how he makes friends everywhere we go. I love seeing that people of all backgrounds and all nations are drawn to him. I love that his serious faces start conversations with strangers. I love that sharing his name is a chance to share Jesus. I love that he will visit two more continents and most likely learn a second language in the next six months. I love that his first passport - which came last week - will be full of adventures. I love that music moves him. I love watching our little man emerge. And I love seeing and hearing and experiencing how faithful God has been to us through him.



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