Monday, February 20, 2012

A Moment to Brag... AND COOKIES!

The other night, Jonny rented a Redbox movie to watch together. The following night, he returned it to the Redbox in our local Kroger store. He decided to run in the store and grab some teriyaki sauce for me, since he'd seen stir fry on my meal plan this week, but was afraid he had used up the last of the sauce recently.

On his way out, he got me a present - three boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies! Apparently there was a troop parked outside of Kroger selling them. If you know me at all, you know that this is my guilty pleasure and extreme stress-release. If I'm taking a bath with a glass of red wine and a sleeve of Thin Mints, you know I've had a royally crappy day.

Overall, though, I have pretty amazing self control with them - ifIdosaysomyself. I think I bought three boxes last year. I just finished the last of them two weeks ago. I keep them stashed away, eating two or three at a time. In fact, I ordered another three boxes, but they haven't been delivered yet. "I thought you'd ordered some, but I figured a few more would only help you with rationing," Jonny told me. "Besides, I know you like them. I thought it might just make you happy." Who has a pretty incredibly sweet hubby? This girl! Love how thoughtful he is.

from Flickr user The Suss-Man (Mike) source

And as long as I'm bragging, I've just been pretty thankful for him in general lately. I feel like everywhere I look,  marriages - both of people I know and people I only know of - are falling apart. Statistically, it's probably not just a feeling. It's probably reality. But it makes me sad. I so appreciate, though, that Jonny is "loyal to a fault" (as his dad put it in our wedding), and that his sense of honor and justice is not hidden or timid - it is breaking the surface of his words and actions at all times. It never occurs to me to doubt or worry about him. I've always known this, but I've appreciated it a lot recently, against some pretty stark contrast.

I also love that he is wise. I don't remember if this is an actual "diagnosed" spiritual gift of his or not, but I would be willing to bet on it. We've been in a lot of teaching, counseling, or advising roles together recently, and he usually lets me do a lot of the talking. But when he does speak up, I've been struck lately with the wisdom of what he says. Plus, he almost always says things that I didn't think of, or says them in a way I didn't. I'm so glad to have someone who agrees with me, but thinks differently at the same time.

Thank you, Jesus, for my Jonny!


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