Monday, February 13, 2012

Lasting Impression

When Gavrel was born, my grandparents bought us a beautiful crib. I have dreams of using this crib for years to come, not because it's a convertible (it does turn into a toddler bed, but it's not a headboard further down the road), but because I envision lots of little Addington babies taking turns in it.

One little monkey's teeth, however, have been doing their best to thwart those dreams. Baby teeth are awfully hard on wood railings. I bought a "gummy" style rail guard for the front rail, and I was initially pretty happy with it. But then the adhesive started un-sticking. And then the Monkey and his teeth found the sides of the crib. And THEN the Monkey and his teeth discovered the rocking chair arms. I was being defeated from all sides.

Then a sweet friend of mine posted a link to this tutorial for a no-sew fleece crib rail cover. I knew this was perfect - because it could be made to fit any size anything. Add that fleece is 50% this week at JoAnn's, and I was sold. Here are the results:
I went with light green with white polkadots for the front rail. Our Boppy pillow and changing pad both have a similar pattern, so I thought that was fun. 

Green polkadots on the whole crib seemed a little excessive (and busy), so I got some dark brown for the sides of the crib. It blends in pretty well, while still accomplishing its protective purposes. 

Yep, even the rocking chair got covered. I got a little fleece-happy tonight. 
Total cost for the whole project, including tax: $11.45. I have enough green polkadots left to cover the back railing, too, I just ran out of time before bedtime. The Monkey and his teeth haven't discovered that railing as of yet, so hopefully it survives until morning. I also only used half the brown, so I have some waiting in the wings if other surfaces hit the endangered list in the future.

So, mamas, if your wooden surfaces are also showing some wear and tear, here's some hope for you! Happy covering!


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