Sunday, February 12, 2012

In case of an emergency

I mentioned the Happy Home Fairy a few weeks ago as a blog I have really been enjoying lately. This past week I came across this cute Valentine's idea for "Emergency Candlelight Dessert Kits."

Since our small group usually meets on Tuesday nights and Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, we won't be meeting. :-( So when I saw this project, I decided it was a super cute, easy, and cheap (!) way to let everyone know we were thinking about them, even if we weren't meeting. :-)

Here's how our take on them turned out:

We got a multi-pack of Ghirardelli - each couple gets two dark chocolate, two caramel, and two raspberry squares. The original contained Oreo Cakesters, but since we have a couple of health nuts and a dietitian in the group, we thought we would splurge on something nicer!

There will also be a book of matches in each kit, but we couldn't find books of matches at Target. We'll grab those on a trip to Kroger tomorrow. 

I set out to find Valentine's-ish gift bags, but then I found these black-and-white ones and decided they would be way cute with pink and red tags. The Happy Home Fairy includes free printable tags on her site, but since I don't have a printer at home I had to recreate them by hand as best I could.

Are they not totally cute, all lined up?
So, if you're in our small group, I know I ruined the surprise - Gavrel and I will be bringing you a present on Tuesday! But I wanted the rest of you out there to have a chance to make your own before Valentine's hits if you still need a fun idea for someone. And if you have a printer at home, you don't really even need to be crafty at all!

By the way, aren't the pictures fun? I'm getting better every day with my new camera, but a big shout-out goes to Jonny on this one for advising the shoot logistics and Photoshopping out the backgrounds. We're both crafty in our own ways!


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