Friday, February 10, 2012

Do me a favor, please?

I've known for a while that my portion from the Holy Spirit is to be a teacher and a shepherd. That has looked differently at different times throughout my life. This year, it includes leading a small group of other young couples. I've talked about this a little bit - especially through our study of Forgotten God by Francis Chan. Since that shepherding gift has been primarily expressed with middle school students in the past, it's been a cool and VERY humbling experience to walk alongside other adults and parents as a leader.

I had a chance to talk (well, facebook chat - but it counts, right?) to one of our new life friends for a while last night. She has been through some rough times, but I was so blessed to hear her heart for a while. She loves Jesus. She wants to honor God with everything she has, and it is her desire to give her everything to her family. Love that! Her prayer is to be able to stay home with her two sweet children, and she is actively pursuing this through blogging and refurbishing and selling antiques. As a stay-at-home-mom myself, I want to encourage and bless her in this endeavor.

So, Musings followers, will you take some time to check out her blog? Will you encourage her and help her toward her goal? She is so beautiful, and you will be blessed by her testimony!



Haha! Love this....thanks Katie!

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