Monday, January 16, 2012

While Mama's Away

Jonny's been working a lot. A lot a lot. Being self-employed, it's actually a really good thing. It means business is flowing and Jonny is getting good references. I'm so proud of him for working hard, building up his business, and supporting us so well.

It also means that, even though he's been sitting at our kitchen table, I really haven't seen much of him for the last few weeks. So when he offered a date night, I jumped at the opportunity! We had a [mostly] fun time downtown together (our restaurant was less than ideal, but that's another story) for an evening. Even better, Gavrel got to go play with our buddies, Miss Sheppard and Mr. Jimmy!

Best of all, Miss Sheppard is a phenomenal photographer (check out our belly pictures and newborn photos to see some examples). Looks like a fun evening was had by all!

I keep trying to convince Sheppard that she just needs to come live with us and be our personal papparazzi. Maybe y'all can help me convince her?


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