Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The transformation continues...

I've talked before about my transformation into a hippy mom. Well, that transformation continues on its merry way, and I have to publicly declare that my mother-in-law is an enabler. Can you guess what I'm doing tonight?

Yep. I am making my own yogurt. Thanks to the new Donvier Yogurt Maker Jonny's parents got me for Christmas, I have delved even deeper into the realm of do-it-myselfing. I think the only thing that could make this any more legit-hippy would be tracking down some raw milk. As it is, I already bought organic milk specifically for this process.

It makes sense, really. Gav LOVES yogurt, and I like having it around. My parents send me my favorite granola from the local bulk food store in their area run by a Mennonite group, and y'all know I love smoothies!

So just go ahead and say it... I'm a total hippy mom.


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