Monday, January 30, 2012

A Southern January

It's January, and apparently in Knoxville that means sunshine, green grass, and evening family walks! Last night we threw our jackets on, loaded up the stroller, and headed out for a walk - even the puppies got to come with us. We sure do love our stroller, and we like hanging out together, too! It was a nice chance to leave my phone at home, get some exercise for us and the dogs, and talk with Jonny. 

Benni wasn't really sure what was going on when we stopped to take pictures. He was very worried about Gav. As neurotic as he is, I'm kind of glad he's so protective of my Monkey. 

I'm very sad that this was blurry - it was pretty cute. I was putting the stroller back in the trunk of my car, and Jonny had Gav sitting on the back of his car while they waited. Love my boys!


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