Saturday, January 07, 2012

Nine Months

Thursday marked nine months for Gavrel. He's officially been here longer than I was pregnant - so weird! 

There's the elusive smile! I have to note that I am also very happy with my new camera, even if I am slowly still learning how best to use it...

Jonny accurately noted to a friend earlier tonight that not only is it fun to watch Gav learn new things, but how much fun he has learning them!

Ever one to slip things in just before he turns another month, Gav has been busy! In just the last week, he has started clapping, waving, and parroting "buh-bye!" Other accomplishments:

  • Squatting to pick up toys and standing back up without sitting down.
  • Standing more frequently - on anything and everything. He'll walk up a wall if there's nothing else to hold onto. We're still pretty sure he'll be an early walker. 
  • Cruising. Not a ton yet, but some. He's figured out that he's pretty good at this crawling thing, so that seems to be the most efficient form of transportation right now.
  • Jabbering more and more and making silly noises and faces. He's pretty entertaining!
  • Eating everything in sight!
  • Testing us when we tell him "no," and fake crying when he isn't getting his way. Ok, so I wouldn't really call this an "accomplishment," but I suppose it's a developmental milestone anyway.
We are so in love with our little Monkey Man - more and more every day. We greatly enjoyed his first Christmas in the last month, and we're looking forward to some visitors and international travel in the coming months. He will have an eventful first year to look back on!


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