Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Read List

I like to read. I don't really make New Year's resolutions, but in 2011 I decided that I wanted to spend more time reading than watching TV. I managed to achieve that goal before moving, and doing (mostly) away with the TV after moving made it pretty much impossible not to. I generally just enjoy browsing through things, also. What are some of the things I've been reading lately?

I got Jane Eyre free on my Kindle a couple weeks ago. I feel like this is one of those books I should have read a long time ago. But for whatever reason, I just hadn't. Read it last week, though. I feel so much more accomplished now.

I saw this article when a sweet friend posted it to Facebook. It's something I've known for a long time (even though I do totally swoon over my Jonny), but it was encouraging to read again. It's also something I struggle to get through to middle school students about relationships in general. I suppose every kid probably has to mostly figure that out for themselves, huh?

Also picked up Learn Me Good free on Kindle. It's not really a personal betterment kind of book, but it's cracking me up and reminding me how much I loved being a teacher. 

Grabbed this Who is Coming to Our House? board book for 50% off at our local Barnes and Noble today on a Christmas clearance rack. It's all about the barn animals getting ready for Mary and Joseph to come to their home. I'm really excited to read it in the coming years and talk about all the ways we can get our own home ready for Jesus to come!

Happy Home Fairy! I'm totally in love with Happy Home Fairy and her blog. She is so cute and fun and has great ideas for Christian moms of little bits. I'm constantly tucking her ideas away for when Gavrel gets just a little bit older. We even used a silly game she posted at our last small group meeting before Christmas!

Speaking of our small group, we're getting ready to kick off our next semester tonight and we're going to be using Francis Chan's book Forgotten God as a springboard and discussion starter. I read it a few years ago, but I've been re-reading it to get ready. I'm also writing some couples devos/discussion questions to go along with it. I'll probably start posting those each week for y'all if you're interested.

That's what I've been reading in the last week or so. What's on your to-read or have-read list?


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