Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

Monday was a big day for my Monkey around here!

When I put Gavrel in his high chair for breakfast, I suddenly noticed that he looked different. I texted Jonny, "I think this kid must have grown three inches overnight, because he looks skinny today. He didn't look skinny yesterday." I never got a response. When Jonny came home, he picked Gav up and said, "Wow, you really do look skinnier today!" And then to me, "I thought you were just being mom, weird, whatever. But you weren't kidding!" We can see a physical difference in our Monkey this week. Every day he looks a little less like a baby and much, much more like a little boy.

He also started clicking/clucking his tongue - especially when one of us does it first. I've heard him make this noise before, but never very regularly and never on cue. The best part is, I happened to be video taping him playing and "talking" when he started doing it, so I got it on film!


So far, cruising hasn't seemed to have much appeal for Gav - crawling is still the most efficient way to do things.  He's starting to do some now, though, and he walked all the way around the coffee table for the first time on Monday! Sorry, I didn't manage to have a camera on me at that point. :-(

Finally, Gav used his first sign on Monday evening! He was sitting in his high chair again, having dinner. He was kind of slowing down when he looked at me and signed "all done," or at least something very similar to it. I had to do a double take to realize what he was doing. But when I asked him, "Are you all done?" he got really excited. So I wiped him off, put him down, and he was a happy camper! So much fun! He then proceeded to tell me he wanted "more" on Tuesday. I'll try to get those on video soon. It's pretty cool to have him communicating in a meaningful, understandable way.

Phew - and it's only Wednesday! I can't wait to see what else he pulls out of his sleeve this week!


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