Monday, January 09, 2012

Any raw milk people out there?

I mentioned on Tuesday that I've been making my own yogurt since getting a nice new yogurt maker for Christmas. I also mentioned that probably the only thing that could make this process any hippy-er was to use raw milk. I've been reading about the various potential benefits of using raw milk, and I got curious. So I spent a few minutes googling. 

Apparently, it's actually illegal to sell or buy raw milk in Tennessee (and in 47 other states, as well). But if you own the animal you can legally consume its raw milk. Hence, I stumbled upon this local "cow share" program. It's a pretty brilliant use of a legal loophole, actually. And as I read about it, I came to like it. While it works out to be more expensive than regular milk, the price it actually pretty comparable to organic milk. I love that it's local, sustainable, and natural (though Jonny assures me that the use of such words makes me even more hippy than I realize... oh well). Most of all, I love the idea of being able to take Gavrel to see where his milk (and his yogurt!) come from as he gets older. 

Have I mentioned that Gav loves yogurt?
But I also have to reconcile the fact that I have a germophobic Jonny who is skeptical about non-pasteurized dairy products. It helps that this specific farm used to be a commercial Grade A dairy farm, so they still use all the same quality tests on their milk, and I really feel like it's close enough and quick enough in turnaround that it must be ok. People have been drinking their own cows' milk for all of human history, right? Modern equipment is also so clean, I think we pretty effectively eliminate the risk of contamination that way.

So I'm curious: Are there any raw milk drinkers out there among you? Anyone want to stand up for it? Anyone had a bad experience? I would love to hear your take on it. Is it worth the Addington family buying stake in our own cow (haha... I'm punny)?


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