Sunday, December 04, 2011


My Jonny is pretty hard to shop for. There aren't many things he needs, and he can keep things running long after their life expectancy is expired. He does, however, like to spoil me with nice new things. I can't say I mind this too much. That might make me a bad person, but I'll deal with that.

He's particularly good at this around Christmas. Our first year of marriage, he got me a Kindle (before they were under $100, or even under $200). I LOVE my Kindle. I highly recommend them to anyone who likes to read. I had talked about someday wanting one, and then it showed up under the tree. The same thing happened last year when I lamented not having an iPod to help me through labor (mine was stolen out of our youth ministry building a while back). Jonny managed to produce a little red iPod with my name engraved on it for Christmas - which then proved very helpful while in labor last April!

This fall I have mentioned a couple of times how frustrated I have been with my little point-and-shoot camera's total inability to take clear pictures. You've probably noticed all my blurry pictures. It is especially frustrating, because my little camera is supposed to be a replacement for one that didn't do that quite so badly. We got a nice camera, but the LCD screen stopped working. Nikon couldn't fix it, so they gave us credit toward a new one since they no longer made the exact same camera. The new one, however, doesn't work nearly as well. It's been increasingly frustrating as Gavrel gets more active.

The other night, a present showed up on our kitchen counter for me "from Santa." Jonny assured me that I would use it before Christmas if I went ahead and opened it. I'm super excited to tell you that I now have a nice, real camera! Like, with big lenses and lots of settings and stuff like that (can you tell how much I know about such things?). But I'm excited to learn how to use it, and I can already see how much nicer the pictures are going to be. It's used and a bit older, but it's still nice. I need to get a card reader before I can pull the pictures off of it, but I'm excited to show you.

My Jonny rocks!

So here's to prettier pictures and more captured Monkey moments. What are you hoping for for Christmas?


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