Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eight Months

Gavrel turned eight months last week, and as usual, a couple of monkeys makes for some good entertainment!

So big!

Gav loves strings. He was pretty intent on the strings on his pants.

They look like they're plotting, don't they?

And of course, this month, everything is an opportunity to stand!

Gavrel decided this month that crawling was worth it after all, if it meant he could be mobile. Now he's all over the place. He's still pretty intent on walking, though, and he pulls up on just about everything. He has six teeth, and will eat almost anything we put in front of him. 

He's babbling a lot and sometimes he seems to even be parroting a little bit. Some things we're sure we've heard him repeat back to us - "uh-oh," "hey you," and "Google." Yep, our child is destined to be as geeky as his parents. 

He's also playing with everything. He loves the dogs. He loves pulling toys out of a box or bucket. He loves playing with Mommy and Daddy. He really likes our cell phones, but we had to put a stop to that when he almost ruined the touch screen on Mommy's droid. He still wants to get at anything related to computers. Jonny swears he'll be programming by 18 months. 

It's pretty clear that he understands what we are saying and what we want him to do. He understands and usually listens to "Mommy do it" when we're eating or brushing his teeth and I want him to keep his hands out of the way. He also understands "no," and will usually listen after testing a few times. :-) He also seems to understand "more," "eat," "puffs," "cracker," and "poop," and responds when we say those things - though he's not signing them back for us yet. I have a feeling he will soon!

He poops almost exclusively on the toilet now, too. If not, it's usually because one of us missed a cue. Again, I'm not looking to have him potty trained before a year, but it does make washing diapers a lot easier.

So, at eight months we're loving and enjoying our little man. He's learning so fast and having so much fun. I have a feeling the next few months are going to be full of exciting new things to share with you! 


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