Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daddy's New Phone

We've been in Minnesota/Wisconsin for the last week visiting family for a week, and I'm slowly resurfacing. I made the decision to leave my computer at home for the week - one less thing to mess with through security and fit into the car. It was refreshing. 

We did take the new camera, though. I'll be sorting through all those pictures soon. In the mean time, Santa brought Jonny a new droid phone. He's managed to take lots of pictures on it in the four days he's had it. So here's a preview of our Christmas:

Christmas Jammies!

Gavrel wants a droid phone, too. 

Dog kennel door - works kind of like a giant book page. Lots of fun to flip back and forth. 

On the plane going home.

Traveling is such tiring work!


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