Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chowing Down

Ok, so I have to say I've been sorely disappointed in y'all's commenting habits. Since Ken is the only one who voted, he gets to see his pick first!

If you've been following along, you'll know that we've chosen to go the baby-led weaning route with Gavrel. As a quick review, we were hesitant to rush away from the exclusive nursing schedule because he has enjoyed it so much and has been so healthy. He also had teeth by the time he turned six months old (our goal was to nurse to six months). So after that we started offering him finger foods and waited until he showed an interest, continuing to mostly just nurse in the mean time.

Well, it's turned out to be a great system for us! Gavrel has a very firm handle of the "pincer grasp" concept, and he loves trying new things. He especially likes new things off Mommy and Daddy's plates. It makes going out to eat much easier - he basically just eats what we eat. He also thinks it's great to chew, so we don't usually worry too much about cutting things up too small (as long as they are chewable, and we don't leave him unattended). I was recently offered a bunch of free baby food, and everyone was shocked to hear that Gavrel doesn't eat it! Definitely cheaper...

So what has Gavrel been eating lately?

We're a big fan of these greens-flavored puff snacks! These are a staple in Gav's diet, and he doesn't need any help eating them.

Gav gets really excited when he sees us get a yogurt out of the fridge! We see some pretty impressive baby bird impressions for yogurt, and Mommy loves this brand because I can read and recognize all the ingredients on the label!

We've got the use of a straw down, and Gavrel is slowly starting to take other liquids. He wasn't too sure about anything but breastmilk for starters, but he's getting better. His favorite sippy cup contents so far? Smoothie!

Monkey Man reached for my apple core the other day, so I let him play with it. He actually got a few small bites out of it and and was highly entertained.

Clementines have also been a hit. And yes, he prefers to take bites out of whole slices rather than letting us cut them into pieces. Or just shove the whole slice into his mouth. Yes, he chewed it up no problem. He puts those six (!) teeth to good use!

Toast is a new addition, but also a popular one. Well, really, there are very things we've tried giving him that haven't been popular. Green beans being the one that comes to mind. 

We discovered on an outing with Nai nai to Noodles and Company that mac'n'cheese was a big hit. Here is some homemade stuff - with yellow winter squash puree mixed into the cheese! I would feel pretty sneaky about that, except that we all like veggies anyway...

And of course, what is dinner without a little dessert? Smoothie popsicle is just the thing, even if it's a little tart:

It didn't seem to deter him too much!

Other things that regularly make it into Gavrel's mouth: boiled carrots, rice crackers (also in veggie flavors), yogurt drops, chicken, pulled pork, refried beans, baked beans, and cheese pieces.

As you can tell, I'm still learning how to use my new camera, and we're realizing that the light in our apartment is really just that bad. But it's already much better than the old one! Hopefully it will only get better from here.


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