Friday, November 11, 2011

Speaking Out

When we were choosing names for our baby, we had some pretty clear ideas about what we wanted in a name. We wanted a name that had a significant meaning - a legacy for the child to live up to. We we wanted the name to speak to the person they would become. We wanted it to be a tool for the child to use in the future - a way to easily bring up their faith when someone asked them the origin of their name.

That's how we landed on Gavrel - "worshiper of God."

But I didn't think about how often it would serve the same purpose for me. At least weekly I get asked where I came up with that name (people always tell me it's "interesting," "different," or even "beautiful," but I can usually tell that they just think I'm out of my mind). And it's always a reminder to me when I reply, "It means a worshiper of God, and we wanted a name that meant that specifically."

Funny how God works that way, isn't it?


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