Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reflecting on the New Me

Since the blog is getting a new look, I thought I would also reflect on my own new look:

I got new jeans yesterday. They're a size smaller than the pair I've been wearing - that was pretty gratifying I didn't know ahead of time what size I would need. The pair I'd been wearing were getting pretty baggy, but new jeans fit a lot differently than old ones and I didn't know if I would just need a new pair of the same size. But one size down was perfect. That's always a nice feeling.

I wore a dress shirt to church on Sunday that I wore the morning of our wedding. That also felt good. Overall, I find that I'm still losing weight - much more slowly than I was six months ago, but steadily nonetheless. Because I know the other women out there are wondering, I attribute it to a nursing baby, living on the second floor, carrying a car seat across the parking lot most days, walking the dogs  multiple times a day, cooking more often, and not watching TV (because I had a habit of eating while I watched TV).

While I may be shrinking back into my clothes, some things aren't quite the same. I am a new me. For starters, my torso is pretty much back to "wedding size." My hips, though, are still one size bigger than wedding size. My tummy is also a little more flubbery than it used to be, and it's covered with mostly-healed stretch marks, giving it an extra little pinkish tint. It looks like it's been lived in, oddly enough! And while I have been enjoying slowly shedding the pounds, I'm really ok with my new shape. It's a little strange to come to terms with, but I almost like it.

Because it means I'm a mommy. My hips did expand and the skin on my tummy did stretch. Someone did live in my tummy. And leaving those things be will mean that becoming a mommy all over again will be that much easier next time. My skin is already stretched out - leave it that way. My hips are wider - that's great. The new me is a mommy body, and I love being a mommy. So while I will still rejoice at the general weight loss and just feel better all around, I'm graciously embracing my new shape - the new me.

So who's with me? Who else is ready to feel better and be healthy while embracing the new you? Let's get excited about what God created our bodies to do while we're striving to take care of them. Let's celebrate our roles rather than chasing after an image.


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