Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Foray into Infant Potty Training

I might be ahead of the curve, in that I had heard about and done some research on "infant potty training," or Elimination Communication (EC) as it's more formally known, before Gavrel was born. I even believe it works and can do wonders for families and the process of potty training later down the road. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that I didn't write it off - I just didn't commit to trying it out, either.

But as life got back in gear with baby in tow, it quickly became apparent that any intense form of the practice probably wouldn't fit very smoothly into our lives. Not to say that it doesn't still work, it was probably just a little too intensive for us.

Then a couple of weeks ago while Jonny was home alone with Gavrel, he pooped in the bathtub. Jonny, being the germaphobe that he is, was duly grossed out by this event. He was sure to recount it to me when I got home later that night. So, I was on my guard the next night as I put Gavrel into the bathtub. Sure enough, halfway through his bath, he started making the pooping face. All you moms out there know the pooping face.

In a split-second attempt to avoid the poop landing in the bathtub, I scooped Gavrel out of the tub and onto the toilet - which is conveniently situated right next to the tub. As I held him there, he finished pooping and we resumed his bath without any more trouble. I was super excited! We ran out to tell Jonny, "Daddy! Gavrel pooped on the big potty!"

As I started thinking about it, we've recently added dinner of real, solid foods to Gav's schedule. He's now pooping pretty regularly right after that (didn't you want to know that?). So, sitting on the "big potty" has become a nightly ritual. And it took my seven-month-old less than a week to seemingly understand what that meant. He almost goes on cue now. It definitely makes washing out our cloth diapers much easier. I haven't had to rinse out a diaper in a couple of weeks. So, while I'm still not wholly committed to the full range of EC, this has been a good thing for us. And I figure even a little bit will probably help out with potty training later down the road, right?

So that's been our foray into infant potty training. Have any of you out there tried it - in any capacity? What have been your results/conceptions? 


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