Monday, November 14, 2011

Naptime Routine at Work: Out of Context

Sorry, all, that I've been MIA for a few days. We've had a very busy (but good) weekend, and I just needed a little bit of personal space from the blog - if you know what I mean.

For those of you who were fans of our routine series, I did want to share something I learned over our busy weekend though: having a nap time routine does wonders when you are out of context!

Last Thursday and Friday, Gavrel and I attended a conference at our church. It was pretty awesome, and we got to spend some time with good friends, but it meant Gavrel was away from home and out of context for a long couple of days. That also meant that we had to try to do naps on-the-go.

So during a break in the action, I took Gavrel back to the nursing mothers' room at church and went through his normal nap time routine - turn out the lights, change, nurse, snuggle. Then I laid his stroller all the way back, laid him down in it, and closed the visor and laid a blanket over the top of that.

Then I employed our newest bedtime and nap time routine addition - music. At home, I've been playing the same cd (you can find it here) every time I put him down to sleep. To nap away from home, I loaded the cd to my iPod, clipped that to the stroller, turned the headphones as loud as they would go, and tucked the headphones into the mesh window in the back of the stroller so that the music was playing into where Gav was sleeping. The whole routine worked like a charm - three time during the day! It was great to have such consistent cues to be able to give him when he was out of context.

What other cues do you use to help your little ones know when to go to sleep, even if they're not at home in bed?


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