Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Things

My Monkey is extremely patient. And flexible - in his scheduling, not physically. I suppose he's probably physically flexible too, but that's not what I've noticed most this week. I already told you about his taking naps out of context. Last night we went to a surprise birthday party for a friend that started at bed time. I just shifted his naps back during the day, brought food for him, and he was a happy camper. He didn't like the part when everyone yelled "surprise!" That made him sad. But he was awesome otherwise.

I can't help but thinking about how blessed we have been to have so many friends through our church. I guess I'm especially noticing it this week because I spent so much time with them. I went to the zoo with some of the other MOPS moms, I hung out and laughed a lot with other middle school leaders, I went to see the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn Part I with Pammy Thursday night, and the restaurant where we celebrated our friend's birthday last night was full of other friends from church. It's pretty awesome to have that kind of community around us as we work, parent, and live out our marriage.

I've broken down and decided to join Pinterest. It mostly stems from my desire to find perfect Christmas presents. Apparently I can find some pretty awesome ideas on there. I'm all for cheap, awesome, perfect gift ideas. Now I'm just waiting for an invite. Kind of related - does anyone out there have a Cricut machine that they would be willing to cut something out on for me? My mommy wants a wall decal for the nursery at their church, but it would be great if someone wanted to cut it for us...

I also got into the Shutterfly world last night. A friend had sent me some free prints and cards that expired today, so I decided to go ahead and use them. Jonny also order Photoshop Elements this week, which came with a $20 Shutterfly card. I ordered some Gavrel pictures and some notecards. I might use the gift card in conjunction with the deal going on right now for 20% off photobooks and make the wedding book we never did. I already have ideas for a Gavrel book when he turns one - with his month-by-month pictures.

Tonight I am thankful for my Jonny who plays with Gavrel in the mornings so I can sleep in - especially the morning after a midnight movie premier, my cloth diapers, my working washer and dryer with which I can wash and dry those cloth diapers, my sweet baby, my little red laptop computer, hot baths, and grocery coupons. There are probably plenty of other things too, but those are at the top of the list as I write this.

And that's just things around here. What's new with you?


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