Sunday, November 20, 2011

In the Dog House

This morning the beagle was being a little much. Or a lot. She just can't seem to keep her little beagle nose out of Gavrel's high chair. It just smells too deliciously wonderful to stay away from. She was also getting her nose a little too close to the counters where I was cooking breakfast for my taste. So we started shooing her away from the kitchen.

There are many things beagles do well. Taking hints is not one of them. She really wanted to help me cook breakfast. And clean out Gavrel's high chair. Finally, Jonny got fed up and went to grab her to throw her out. She ran. He followed. She got scared. I might have been scared if Jonny had come barreling down on me too. Nellie bit him. Hard. I probably wouldn't have bitten him - but she did. She got in a lot of trouble. I was momentarily afraid for her life.

Jonny was feeling a little more charitable after cleaning up his (admittedly nasty-looking) bite and let her out of her (literal) dog house. Now she is leashed to the kitchen/dining room table (which, coincidentally, is in our living room). I'm guessing she'll be in the metaphorical dog house for a while. But she's very penitent. She sure knows when she's in trouble.

We ran some errands this afternoon, and when we got home the community/local stray cat that lives under our building followed us up the stairs and into our apartment. We couldn't believe it. Our house smells like dogs to the human nose, much less a feline one. But she came in and wandered around for a while. Until we let the dogs out, that is. At that point she beat a hasty retreat.

It is getting cold though, and nobody really knows if she has a good way to keep warm. I don't like cats much, but I don't wish death on them either. But she doesn't have shot records and isn't declawed, so we don't really want to take her in. But I had a moment of inspiration - we have several puppy (or kitty) sized kennels from when our dogs were smaller. So we put a blanket in one and set it outside our door for her with some (dog)food and water. She seemed to like that. Hopefully our stairwell is a little warmer out of the wind and the kennel helps block the cold further. We'll see if she takes to it.

So, tonight we have a dog in a metaphoric dog house and a cat in a literal one. We might be a little nuts.


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