Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Around My House: Uppababy Vista

I've gotten lots of comments recently on my stroller - lots of people wanting to know what kind it is and whether or not I like it (and why). So, for all you mommy readers out there, here are my thoughts.

Our stroller is an Uppababy Vista. It was a gift from my parents last year for Christmas. You can't find it in big box baby stores, but you can order it online, and some of the more specialty stores will carry it. We got ours from Baby Grand in St. Paul.

Because we didn't know whether we were having a boy or girl ahead of time, I wanted a gender-neutral stroller. But I couldn't find one that I liked - most of the mainstream brands have very gender specific patterns any more. And the few neutral ones I could find just didn't strike me as very nice-looking. Add on top of that the fact that my mom very badly wanted me to have a pram. (We were babies in Europe, where everyone had a pram, and my mom loved hers.)

So my mom started searching around online and found a review of the Vista, which would convert back and forth from a regular stroller to a pram. It would also hold an infant car seat. It was great because it had everything we both wanted in a stroller, but it would all fold up into my trunk since, at the time, I didn't live somewhere that I could walk out of my house for a walk - I had to drive somewhere with usable sidewalks.

Looking at it in the store, it really was as great, light-weight, durable, and functional as we had hoped. But what sold us in the end was the fact that you can buy a rumble seat that clips to the front to turn the stroller into a double. In theory, at least, this is the only stroller I should ever need. When you get to three, there's a platform that clips to the back of the stroller for the older child to stand on when he gets tired of walking.

So, yes, I do love my stroller (thanks mom and dad!), and I would highly recommend it. It's spendy - it's worth more than Jonny's car (though that's really not saying much) - but I would say it's worth the investment if you (or someone who loves your baby) can swing it.

Here's our Vista on Gavrel's first shopping trip at about 9 days old. We also love our Teutonia car seat, but that's another post!


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