Friday, October 07, 2011

Six Months

Wednesday marked six months for Gavrel! I know all moms say it every time, but I really can't believe how big he's getting so quickly!

Thank you, Grant and Carol, for the cute clothes!

Gavrel's changes and accomplishments this month:

  • Crawling - mostly. So, he didn't quite make my prediction, but he's seriously within days. He has all the basic movements down (he can move both his knees forward and his hands) but he hasn't quite mastered the coordination of everything together. 
  • Showing his personality - and his will! He's started a really shrill scream to get our attention when he doesn't like where we've set him down. We're working on training him out of it, though, and he's significantly better already. He also laughs much more, makes silly sounds, jabbers, and generally participates in the conversations around our house. 
  • Traveling. Again, he spent about 30 hours in his car seat this past weekend and fussed for very, very little of it. He was mostly content to be going. He also likes Jesus Culture music.
  • Sitting. He's getting much more steady at sitting by himself. He can pick his hands up now, as long as he leans forward. He still tends to topple backward if he leans too far, but he's getting steadier every day. 
  • Watching food. We set a goal of exclusively breastfeeding up to six months, and I'm happy to say we've made it! My Monkey Man has never once had anything else (except what Jonny likes to put on his finger to let him taste...). We'll be starting some finger food this week, but let him take it at his own pace. He has been showing some interest in what we're doing when we eat, though - just in the last two weeks or so. 
  • Wanting to touch and grab EVERYTHING. He's pretty grabby - and the puppies have learned to steer just clear enough to avoid being pinched. It's pretty entertaining all around, in fact. 
So, that's our boy! Not too much new this month (except crawling - which I suppose is enough!), just lots more of everything. It's so fun to watch him turn into a little man. Overall, he's very laid-back, good-natured, and sweet almost all of the time. We're so thankful for that - and fully realize that the next one will be nothing like him! :-)


He is darling! So healthy-looking.

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