Saturday, October 15, 2011


Reason #147 (according to Jonny) for always keeping paper towels in your car: Cleaning up beagle puke.

On our way to the mountains yesterday for our "Saturday afternoon family vacation," the beagle was standing half in the back seat and half on the center console between the two front seats. She always stands there in the car. Jonny says I need a bumper sticker that says, "My beagle is my copilot." She likes to watch where we're going.

But as she stood there, we heard one good hack - no more warning than that - and she put her head down and promptly deposited an entire meal's worth of half-digested kibble on my center console - half of which then slid down my side onto the seat belt and in between the seat.

We quickly pulled into a gas station to buy a roll of paper towels to clean up. This is when Jonny began schooling me on all the reasons to keep said paper towels in my car.

The beagle, in the meantime, was looking a little worse for wear. She perked right up in the clean mountain air, however. 


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