Saturday, October 08, 2011


And for a break from our regularly-scheduled monkey cuteness...

Driving to Liberty last weekend, we were about to cross into Virginia. But before we left Tennessee behind, we came upon a rather prominent hill sporting this little accessory:

Really? Really?!

I have lived in Tennessee for three years now. I've seen my fair share of Confederate flags - on trucks and t-shirts and on people's porches and in front yards. But this seems just a little bit ridiculous. 

For real, you can argue yourself blue in the face over "states' rights" if you want to, but can you not understand how this could be offensive? And if you want to call yourself the Bible Belt, but insist on displays like this, do you really think people are going to be drawn to Jesus? If I didn't already know Jesus and how he feels about "states' rights," I would personally be pretty disgusted. 

I think we need to re-learn the phrase "One nation under God." Not two. One. Welcome to the 21st century. End rant.


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