Monday, October 17, 2011

Finger Foods, So Far

Gavrel has really started to be interested in what we are eating and in trying things for himself. So far, Gavrel has tried:

  • Puffed rice. He has a hard time picking it up himself (I anticipated this - I figure he won't develop his "pincer grasp" if he doesn't have opportunity to practice it. It's doesn't matter if he can't pick them up yet), but if I hold one, he will pull my hand toward his mouth. He can easily gum and swallow these and seems to like them. I think the texture took some getting used to, but he seems to like the sensation of putting food in his mouth. 
  • Green beans. He's a little less enthusiastic about these. They also take a little more chewing, so he's been known to gag once in a while. He's good though, and doesn't panic - just swallows. I'm trying to keep veggies at the top of the list to introduce him to, and green beans are nice and soft, while still hold-able.
  • Rice crackers. I found some of these at our local "hippy" grocery store that are vegetable flavored. These have been a big hit because he can hold it and put it in his mouth himself and bite it, but it dissolves enough that he can gum and swallow it. These are also great for the car when he's either falling asleep and I want him to stay awake, or when he's upset and we're trying to keep him occupied (don't worry, we have a mirror we can see him in, so he's not going to choke unseen in the car). 
  • Bread. Ok, so it was really hot dog bun. Not really fitting in with our nutritional goals, I know, but I was eating a hot dog and he REALLY wanted to help me. So I was ripping off tiny bits of bun and feeding them to him. He thought this was great. 
  • Baked beans. This is another case of him reaching for what I was eating. He also thought these were great, and they DO happen to fall within our nutritional goals, so beans may become a regular thing. 
Overall, I've been really happy with our decision to skip straight to finger foods. Gavrel seems to really be enjoying "big boy food," and he still really loves nursing. I usually give him food in the evening, most of the time right after nursing. So I don't stress if he doesn't eat much, but he still gets the practice. 

As always, love watching him discover new things. But he's getting too big too fast!


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